Weigh That Batter!

One of the benefits of weighing your completed cake batter, bread, cookie, or pie dough is to see if maybe you forgot an ingredient. Prior to working with Rose, I made a glorious 10 inch round pumpkin cheesecake for the family Thanksgiving: glorious until I tasted it and realized that only someone, being me, would be eating it, since I forgot to include the sugar.

Virtually all of our baking kitchen recipe sheets have the total of the ingredients written above their charts. We also start a recipe with a mise en place (set up for ingredients), in which we stage the ingredients on our counter top before starting the recipe’s instructions.

Our example here is for our English Dried Fruit Cake from The Baking Bible, in which the ingredients add up to 1854 grams. Prior to filling the cake pan, we ‘tared’ out the pan’s weight. Our cake batter weighed in at 1837.7 grams, which allows for a small percentage of loss from batter still clinging to the beater and bowl. So we knew we could pop it into the oven with total confidence.

Depending on the recipe, you may be able to mix in a missing ingredient. (Hopefully the discrepancy amount will flag an ingredient’s amount.) Or you can make the choice to bake it and cross your fingers, OR toss it out and start over.