Fight Fire with Fire

Last week we were about to use a new nonstick cake pan with its information label still attached that we had bought a few months before.  We peeled off the information label, but four patches of hardened on rubbery glue remained firmly attached. Using a scrubby pad with dish soap and elbow grease did not remove the resilient last smears of glue. Using Goo Gone or similar products was vetoed, for fear it food destroy the non-stick finish.

“Fight fire with fire!” Rose called over to me. “Use strapping tape.”

Having been a handyman maintenance manager for many years, I had never heard of this idea. With strapping tape wrapped around two fingers, I rubbed and rolled the tape over the glue smears. Like magic, the smears became smaller and smaller, and the tape became blackened with the removed glue. It took two more rounds of strapping tape and a washing of the pan to get all of glue off.

So next time that you feel stumped by gooey glue, reach for some ‘fire.’