What is the difference between 1 cup flour, sifted; and 1 cup sifted flour?

There is a big difference in the weight of flour, depending on which method is used. For this tip, we are measuring bleached all-purpose flour.

Method One: 1 cup flour, sifted means: you put the flour into the measuring cup and then sift it onto parchment or onto a mixture. This can vary depending on which method you use to measure out the flour: dip & sweep into a cup, or lightly spooned into the cup.

 Method Two: 1 cup sifted flour means: you set the measuring cup on the counter and sift the flour into the cup.

Before measuring for any method, it is best to stir the flour lightly in its container or bag. Let the flour mound slightly above the top the cup’s rim. Then, with a metal spatula or knife, level it off.

Be sure to use a cup with an unbroken rim, referred to as a dry measure as opposed to a liquid measure, which has a spout. Do not be tempted to shake the cup or tap it as that compacts the flour.

For this tip, for Method One, using bleached all-purpose four, we are showing the weight for 1 cup flour using the dip & sweep method, and then sifted onto parchment.
1 cup=135 grams by dip & sweep

For Method Two, you will have the least amount of flour because the flour is aerated.
1 cup=114 grams by sifted into the cup

However, if the author states how the flour is measured into the cup before sifting, using the above weights, you can simply sift the flour onto parchment or a bowl on the scale, until you reach the correct weight. For this example, 1 cup by dip and sweep was specified.