Rose on Video presents: Do's and Don'ts of Whipping Egg Whites

Rose’s PBS television series Baking Magic Tips 14. The right amount of cream of tartar will virtually let you beat your egg whites meringue “until the cows come home”. And mound it sky high for meringue topped pies.

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UPDATE with writing Rose’s Baking Basics
* For meringues with no or a small amount of sugar, we now whisk the cream of tartar with the egg whites after measuring the egg whites into the bowl. We then beat on medium-low speed until foamy. Sugar is then added gradually while increasing the speed to medium-high.
* For meringues with a large amount of sugar, like a angel food cake or pavolova, we measure the egg whites, cream of tartar, and sugar into the mixer bowl and whisk them together until blended. The bowl is then covered for 30 minutes at room temperature. The mixture is then beaten starting at low speed and increased to medium-high speed per the recipe’s instructions.
* If you are using frozen egg whites, it is necessary to lightly whisk them in a bowl to make them uniform in consistency before measuring them.

You can see a listing of all of Rose's over 150 transcribed videos on YouTube by doing a search for "Rose Levy Beranbaum You Tube" which will show a home page for Rose's videos. You can click  "Video " on the menu bar, then scroll to find the video you want to watch. Baking Magic aired in 2006. Along with the weekly recipe episodes, Rose had a tips segment. These tips are timeless.