If Your Brown Sugar Hardens

hard brown sugar.jpg

After we open a bag of brown sugar, we transfer the sugar into Ball jars or other airtight containers. Over time, even in an airtight container, brown sugar can harden and/or start to turn white (as the sugar dries, some of the molasses separates. Creating a humid environment will allow the brown sugar to rehydrate to become pliable and brown.



1. Break up the brown sugar as much as possible.

2. Choose a small cup/container that can sit on top of the sugar, while leaving a half-inch or more space between its rim and the container’s cover. (You can also make a ‘cup’ with aluminum foil.)

3. Crumple up a small piece of paper towel and saturate it with water. Set it in the cup.

4. Set the cup on top of the sugar, where it will not tip over.

5. Re-attach the sugar container’s cover.

6. Allow the brown sugar to hydrate for several hours, and remove the cup.
    If necessary, remoisten the paper towel and continue rehydrating the sugar.