The Nuts & Bolts of Tart Crust Baking

tart bolts.JPG

An excellent way to shield tart crusts from over-browning is to use a one size larger tart pan ring inverted over the crust’s border. Be sure to elevate it about a quarter inch above the crust versus resting the ring on the crust, which would press it down to soon and deform any decorative border. This also allows the filling to puff up without sticking to the ring.



An easy way to elevate the ring is to use 3 bolts or 3 stacks of nuts, equally spaced around the tart pan, which has been set on a foil-lined baking pan. If blind baking, after removing the weights, set the ring on top. If filling an unbaked tart shell, set the ring on top right at the beginning of baking.

baked tart.JPG