Dirty Cookbook Pages No More


Yes~~My Cake Bible is chocolate stained, has fingerprints of strawberry and raspberry puree, and some blotches of egg. All from my many baking adventures through the years and anxiously referring back to the book, again and again, in fear of missing a detail or step, or turning to the next page. Of course, other books have different stains. Tomato sauce swipes on Italian ones, butter stained pie crust pages in The Pie & Pastry Bible, white sauce tainted chicken pot pie pages in Betty Crocker’s. (Rose’s are pristine, by the way.)


Plastic sheet protectors to the rescue, and a technique from my dad.

Dad liked to file many of his documents in sheet protectors, which he would cut the sides of the protectors so that he could easily slip out a document from the side versus pulling it out from the open top of the protector. Very handy when the documents are in 3-ring binders.


So I now make his sliced open side protectors to slip over the pages of a recipe that we are making. A two-step only technique.

1. Use a scissors to cut the side of your sheet protector

2. Slip the protector over the page you want to protect.

The plastic sheet protectors can be easily washed off. So drip, fingerprint, smudge, spill onto your shielded pages to your anxious heart’s content.