Hector's Chocolate Avocado Oblivion

Hector 3.jpg

Years ago, when I gave a lovely chef in Italy a copy of my book The Cake Bible, she said she could convert every recipe from butter to olive oil. My response was: "so could I, but I don't choose to!" Now here comes our Hector, converting the butter to avocado! I'm willing to suspend disbelief until I try it myself. After all, avocado is buttery rich, and his cake couldn't be more beautiful! Hector's Chocolate Avocado Oblivion Hawaii Avocado Festival, Kona 2012. aloha everyone, this is my 4th time in Kona, and i can't start by telling that it exceeded ALL my expectations... i know... i make wow-cakes, but this one, was yet the biggest wow! i worship Rose with a recipe i wrote thinking of her. and it starts like this: "a favorite way to bake with chocolate is on the Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte (Cake Bible, 1988). i styled 10 versions of essentially the same cake, but now i depart far and sabotage the recipe: using avocado as butter. this cake feels like biting dark chocolate in heaven. Chocolate Avocado Oblivion is as dark and dense as it gets. enjoy naked. passion fruit jelly on the plate makes a good marriage. dark rum on the passion fruit jelly becomes a menage a trois. enjoy warm, at room temp, or chilled. you will experience the same victim 3 different ways!" let me share highlights from my heart: the yellow man (yours truly) and his pink woman (chef patti kimball). patti helps every time i am in kona. she is more than any chef can ask for. indeed, patti helps every chef event there possibly can be on the entire island. patti is a member of the American Culinary Federation, Hawaii where i have become an honorary member. all three people on this picture are made of chocolate. i baked with Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory dark chocolate 60%. hugging Pam and Bob Cooper, the only people on the entire USA and indeed the rest of the developed countries that makes chocolate from farm to bar from their own farm and their own factory. the scenic landscape is the view from my bedroom! kealakekua bed and breakfast. Alton Brown's very final episode of Good Eats was about chocolate, and he is spotted at the Cooper's farm! hot weather, this cake was enjoyed at 80 oF degree weather. because it uses avocados instead of butter, it is much denser and sinful!!! guests enjoyed a slit of heaven with a side of passion fruit jelly thinned out with dark rum. people asked for second servings even after the glorious full sit down dinner paired with many-many wines and coffee. i was overwhelmed. for the recipe and more photos please visit here.