Hectors Chocolate Mango Oblivion


Hector has just done another "take on my cake"--this time from The Cake Bible.Here is Hector's description of his creative process: one day Matthew Boyer told me: "Hector, the Mango Passion Tart on the Pie and Pastry Bible is the best pie on the book." i took Matthew's words seriously and made this tart several-several-several times, including my now ubiquitous 6-feet wide Rose World Cake! several years has passed and the mango rose decor remains embedded in me! my latest mango rose is the topping for my latest creation: the Chocolate Mango Oblivion. what is this? follow Cake Bible's recipe for the Chocolate Oblivion Truffle torte, except replacing the butter with fresh mango (equal weight, finely pureed with a food processor or immersion blender). for the Chocolate Mango Oblivion, i bake it with a 9" tart pan. i use passion fruit jelly to make the mango slices stick to the cake. brush xtra on top of the completed rose, to make the petals shine! diluted and strained apricot preserves works just as well. the Chocolate Mango Oblivion will take part at my demo for the Westin Moana Surfrider resort, special event called Mangoes at the Moana (July 21st, 2012)