Rose's Baking Basics Production Phase 18: Our Book Launch! and more


Our book launch day arrived with Rose first doing a morning demo of our Cranberry Scones at Martha Stewart Living Test Kitchen for a 42 Burner post. (For our touring we chose Cranberry Scones, Apple Galette, Triple Lemon Bundt Cake, and Beer Bread as our demo’s and class recipes.) Afternoon was a podcast interview with Evan Kleinman for Record Good Food (KRCW).

We love Umber Ahmed’s Mah-ze Dahr Bakery and overjoyed that Umber hosted our book launch. Her delicious Vanilla Choux and champagne appeased our palates as we helped set up for our evening’s guests.

She came a half hour before opening the doors. She strolled in to Rose’s complete surprise—our kindred spirit, book writing friend and sister baker Lisa Yokelson from Washington, DC. Soon the bakery was jam packed with well-wishers enjoying our Cranberry Scones and Chocolate Butterscotch Toffee and our stylist, Erin McDowell’s, Cherry Pielets version of our Cherry Pie, while conversing with friends and colleagues.


Despite the torrential rain and gridlock, caused by the meeting of UN General Assembly, the bakery quickly became crowded with friends and family. We couldn’t have asked for a more joyfully delicious book launch.


The next day began with our making a couple of stops at book stores, as we love to do surprise author book signings for our books on their shelves.

15th Street Sushi is dear friend Marco Gnann’s favorite place for sushi and ours as well. They also have a terrific pastry chef! After our sushi lunch, it was off to the 92nd Street Y. Corby Kummer wrote an incredible review for The Cake Bible when it launched 30 years ago. His article propelled a record 18,500 book sales in one day! So who better to be Rose’s moderator.


 The very next day, we drove to Philadelphia for the beginning of our Western states part of our book tour. Stay tuned for Western states tour part 1 posting next week.

Barnes & Nobles surprise book signing visit

Barnes & Nobles surprise book signing visit