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Here you can see my eight part series for VideoKraft  DVDs, my television appearances with Dede Wilson, David Rosengarten, Amy Coleman, and Shelly Longo's Dinner at 8 with Suvir Saran and Woody, classes and demos for Johnson & Wales, The NYU Experimental Collective; Ben Fink's first video "A Moment with Rose" made in my former New York dual baking lab and living room, and his video "trailer" for The Baking Bible

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Baking Magic with Rose Levy Beranbaum on PBS (2004) 

My television show series on public television had 13 episodes with two recipes shown per episode. It was my dream fulfilled to have the show to my tell and here it is. Along with the episodes, there are 13 Baking Magic TIps shorts.

The video portal will take you to my first episode: Banana Cake with Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting. You can then return to the YouTube VIDEOS menu to watch further episodes.  

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Rose's Heavenly Cakes and Bread Baking Series at General Mills studio (2008)

To accompany the first enhanced kindle cookbook for Amazon, we videotaped 26 short videos for Rose's Heavenly Cakes. The videos feature ingredients, pan preparation, techniques, and general cake and bread baking instructions that can supplement any of my cookbooks. The grand finale is spun sugar!


Charlie Rose Show (1988) 

This was my first television appearance after the enthusiastic reception of The Cake Bible and my most cherished.

You will see how intimidated I was at the beginning of the show and then how I evolved to my finale of saying to Charlie that being married to him would make my name Rose Rose. 

The show is presented in 3 parts. 


A Moment with Rose   by Ben Fink (2010) 

This incredible and beautiful video was photographer Ben Fink's first entrée into making videos. He envisioned that videos could be made as "trailers" for authors to promote their books. Two cameras, several lights, and even rails were put on the floor for a rolling tripod mounted camera. What we thought was going to be a short cooking show style video turned into your being able to see Rose's inner persona and love for baking.   


The Baking Bible    by Ben Fink  (2013)

In less than 2 minutes, you will be transported into the style production shooting and pages of The Baking Bible through live action and the 4 color photos for the book. It ends with a scene of Rose and Woody walking outside Rose's mountain home. 


My Craftsy On-Line Classes

Here are links to my two Craftsy on-line classes. My Master Baking with Chocolate class overview: Learn how to work with everyone's favorite sweet treat —chocolate!  Class begins with breaking down the types of baking chocolate available and what those cacao percentages really mean. Then, discover why unsweetened chocolate can sometimes provide the best balance for your treats and incorporate cocoa powder into a show-stopping chocolate pecan tart. Create a tempting dark chocolate truffle torte, and find out how to bake this crowd-pleaser in a water bath for restaurant-worthy results. Plus, learn how to whip up milk chocolate bread pudding and make an incredibly luscious white chocolate cheesecake. Finish your class with homemade chocolate fondant and impressive decorative accents for sweets.

My Rose's Heavenly Cookies class overview: Learn how to make irresistible drop, shaped, rolled and filled cookies. Master Lemon Jammies, the perfect chocolate chip, slice-and-bake pepparkakors, and even oatmeal and meringue drop cookies. Plus, discover essential techniques for mixing your dough, cooking your treats to that crave-worthy golden brown and filling your cookies like a pro. Can't decide between cake and cookies? Combine both with vegan molasses crumb cakelets and madeleines glazed with decadent ganache. Finally, master pastry cookies, including Rosebud Roly-Polies and pecan pielets, that are sure to disappear in a flash.